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Why Visiting Viņa del Mar



            Viņa del Mar has a privileged mediterranean climate that is one of only 5 zones in the world with these conditions. Other areas with similar are southern California and southern France.
   Together with these exceptional weather, Viņa is perfectly centered geographically with affordable access in public transportation to Santiago (1,5 hours drive) or the southern lake district or the dry mineral rich north. The Andes are within 2 hours drive in car or bus. And of course the prolonged sea cost is at our immediate reach along with its abundant variety of sea food. 
        One feature that has been kept a secret is that Viņas has approximately 5 excellent golf courses within 1,5 hours drive ranging in cost from 15 to 50 dollars per day. To mention is the fact that the courses are practically free of golfers outside the summer month Jan and Feb . Tennis is also played on clay courts.

         Viņa has theatre, Casino, refined restaurants, winery tours, or tours to other seaside  resorts such Zapallar. The ski area of Portillo is 2 hours by car. Our most important attraction is in our opinion Valparaiso, our sister city, with over 400 years of history and which has been compared to Lisbon or Tangiers.  

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